Execution Is Our Specialty

Farm Design

With a combined 40+ years of experience and expertise in both North American and European design principles and swine production techniques, Comax-FTG is ready to help your company increase profitability from the ground up.
Based in proven production principles, Comax-FTG can tailor design farms to meet the targeted needs of your company.

Service and Support

Domestic parts warehouses located in Moscow and Vladivostok and skilled technical specialists are  ready to keep your farm running in peak condition at all times.

Installation Supervision

Comax-FTG employs a wide variety of domestic and foreign specialists to provide Site-Supervision of our equipment. Well developed Technical Documentation, full-time on-site specialists, and access to a global network of industry experts ensure the correct and efficient installation, start-up and testing of your agricultural equipment.
Comax-FTG has extensive experience working with the Client’s installers directly or with the Contractors hired to complete the installation.