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Chain Disk System

Comax-FTG stainless steel chain disk feed system can move up to 22 kgs of feed per minute. With up to 400m of chain running on a single drive unit, the automated movement of dry granulated feed has never been so easy. The layout configuration is incredibly flexible and can be linked in with Comax-FTG’s innovative flex auger system. The chain disk system can be made to suit any production requirements and can be operated manually or be fully integrated with the world’s most advanced automated farm management systems. Reduce pig stress, labor costs, and produce larger healthier pigs today!

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  • 60mm feed pipe with 275g/m2 alv. surface treatment.
  • Specify self-join pipe for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Low Water – proof 304 stainless steel power unit housing,
  • Unique disk design and chain compatibility ensure quality functioning.
  • The Control redundancy establishes proper usage.
  • High accuracy feed sensor.
  • Nylon comer and high grade inside bearing.
Model Range

Model Range

Chain Disk System can be any length to fit any barn size

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