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Controller Maximus

1. A whole climate management system, including:
– ventilation
– heating
– сooling
2. Feeding management system, including:
– Flax auger and chain disk system management
-Feed bin`s scales (feed volume is updated in real time).
3. Access to all information through the web-interface in real time. Access via tablet, PC, mobile smartphone.
4. Equipment performance reports can be automatically sent by e-mail.


• Fully customizable centralized control system that simplifies the management of all your farm facilities, regardless of the size of the building.
• User-friendly layout and icons
• SMS alerts or call and complete alarm system
• Daily personalized reports
• Biosecurity program
• Generator module to know the status of the levels at any time
• Optimal conditions in your facilities at all times
• Automated management of a wide range of parameters: feeding, temperature, lighting, air quality, etc.
• Perfectly safe multi-platform remote control (personal computer, smart phone, tablet)
• Upgradable solution that adapts to your needs
• Simple and easy update via the internet ensuring an optimal technological solution
• The information you want the minute you want it
• Improved energy efficiency
• Guaranteed peace of mind thanks to the most reliable and safe system
• Automated data collection in your farm synchronized with MAXIMUS SOFTWARE

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