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Comax-FTG curtains offer cost-efficient, reliable air intake options. The curtain material is robust, non-woven fabric with polyethylene coating capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions including wind, rain, sleet, and snow. These curtain systems remain responsive to changing weather conditions and can be configured to adjust automatically with one of Comax’s automation systems or manually via reliable winch and cable system. In case of emergency, all curtains come fully equipped with a power-loss triggered emergency release to ensure life sustaining airflow.

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• Made of durable, non-woven fabric, with polyethylene coating material.
• Optional actuated curtain adjustment machines that can be fully integrated into the most advanced automation systems on the market.
• Robust steel winch and cables system for easy and accurate curtain adjustments.
• Life-saving emergency release fixture to ensure airflow to animals in case of emergency.
• Can be configured with PVC panels fur use in winter climates to insulate building and lower heating costs.

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