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Farrowing Crates

Sow and piglet care is critical to the success of your farm which is why Comax-FTG has designed industry leading technology into the farrowing crate. Farrowing crates can be configured with diagonal design, for space saving, and with pass-through technology, for ease of movement. The Anti-crush bars in the crate keep piglets safe from the weight of the sow, while plastic flooring panels, creep feeders, and integrated heat pads or lights keep the piglets healthy, warm, and fed. Plastic penning keeps the piglets isolated and protected from the elements.


• Hot-dip galvanized solid bar/tube steel.
• Can be configured with diagonal crate for a space saving over traditional square crates.
• Can be configured with pass-through gates for ease of sow movement and reduced stress.
• User-friendly design for assembly and disassembly.
• Strong structure for safety of swine.
• Smooth surface, no harm to swine.
• Size customization.

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