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39KW Water Fan Heater

39KW Water heater Comax is designed specifically to endure the rigors of barn heating.


1. The housing and the air guide blade are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel (1.1-1.5 mm) and also on both sides covered with electrostatic coating as an anti-corrosion treatment.
2. Aerodynamic aluminum blades, large air volume, even air supply, low noise level.
3. The engine casing is made of stretched aluminum alloy, good heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, suitable for work in dusty rooms. Insulation class F, protection level IP56.
4. The radiator is made of steel-aluminum alloy, has a tubular-plate structure, external diameter Ø 51 mm, diameter of the seamless main tube Ø 25, wall thickness 2.5, distance between plates 2.5, plate thickness 0.4 mm. Hot water goes through finned tubes of 6 streams, completely cools down after that.
5. Simple DE installation of the electric engine and blinds. The radiator is easy to clean. Bottom has a drain hole.
6. The mounting hardware is made of stainless steel.

Model Range

Model Range

39KW Water Fan heater

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