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Portable scales

Portable Scales for individual pig weighing from Comax-FTG are mainly applicable in weighing pigs. Its features are accurate weighing, convenient move and easy maintenance.

  • Display accuracy of weighing ±0.5 kg
  • Weighing error 1%
  • Weighing range 25~200kg
  • Max. load Capacity 200kg 
  • Size, mm (L*W*H) 1750 x 700 x 1500
  • Complete Weight (kg) 200 kg

• Weighing accuracy with high sensitivity load cell;
• Convenient to move the scale to anywhere with adjustable wheel kits.
• Several rows of leak holes in the floor of inner scale provide to clean the scale easily.
• Optional back fat tester tray for easily to test pigs’ back fat with weighing.
• Optional adjustable side panel for easily to weighing different sizes of pigs.
• Durable 304 SS weigh arm for eliminating scale body excessive sway and getting the accuracy weighing result.

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